Association of Standardized Tian Shan Pai

Dedicated to preserving the style created by Wang Jyue Jen

August 3rd Training and Review

This is a chance to review your form and learn corrections for the standardized format to be used in the Tian Shan Pai division of the Capitol Classics tournament on August 4th.

Instruction will be provided by Grandmaster Willy Lin, the person who first brought Tian Shan Pai to the US.

This workshop is not intended as instruction for people unfamiliar with the forms. Participants should already know the form for the sessions they participate in. The workshop is intended to help you refine your understanding of the forms and to make corrections to the standardized versions of the forms. Solo and two-person versions will be covered.


Friday, August 3, 2012
6 pm to 8 or 9 pm:
 Primary Fist (aka 24 beat or Chu Ji Quan)
Intermediate Fist (aka 40 beat or Zhong Ji Quan)
BaJi Quan


The cost for this seminar is $10 and will include an ASTSP student level membership complete with an ASTSP patch. If you are an instructor or school owner, you can upgrade to a full or associate membership at a later date to receive additional benefits.


Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center

Workshop, August 3 and ASTSP membership
Price: $10